Hi, I’m Nicholas Pepe.

I’m an Energy Healer.   Who specializes in helping women who have been ruled by doubt, fear and “low confidence” learn how to manage their emotions so that they can live with courage, confidence and freedom.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with clients all over the world, been featured in several magazines, major media outlets like MSNBC, and have trained with some really awesome people.  But honestly, I think it’s way more important that you understand, where I’m coming from, how I became an Energy Healer, and how I can help you transform your life.
For years, I stumbled over myself, made mistakes, got in the wrong relationships, beat myself up over the littlest of things, had little to no confidence to get anything done, and fell into a deep depression (we’ll talk about this later).  At that time, I was the last person that you’d want to go to for any healing.
Ironic, I know.Unfortunately for me, I had years of “lessons” to learn.
After realizing that all these crappy experiences (a.k.a life lessons), and failures were leading me on the right path.  I firmly believe failure didn’t mean the end. It just meant that I had to try another way, which led me straight to my passion.  Ultimately, I found my way.  But in going through the “fire” and healing myself, I have experienced what many of my clients are going through this very moment.  I have a deep knowing within that I can help others in transforming their lives.After six years of Energy Healing, I’m even more passionate than the day I began, and take great joy in helping women live with more confidence so that they can make their dreams become a reality.

People often ask me, “How the in the world did you get into this?”

Well…my life hasn’t been typical by any means.

People often ask me, “You must have had a perfect life in order to do this work?” The truth is I’ve had an amazing life, but I’ve faced many challenges like anyone else.  Although, I had many cherished moments in my childhood.  The reality was there were years of abuse.  At one point in my youth, I attempted suicide and struggled for many years with deep depression, anxiety, major self-worth issues and got into drugs.  All of this, in order to cope with the unresolved trauma (and a string of bad relationships didn’t help).
Now I don’t mean to be a downer…Trust me.
I tell you this because I know that no matter what challenges you’ve faced in the past they can all be used to fuel your GREATNESS.
Of course, I wallowed in my story…for while, made plenty of excuses for why I wasn’t progressing, and finding more and more ways to play small.
At twenty years old, I met a woman who glowed when she walked into the room.  She commanded attention without trying(she just exuded something powerful). It was through meeting my first Reiki Master at the age of twenty years old that changed my entire life.  I promptly took Reiki Level 1 and 2 with her 14 years ago.  I was the youngest person(and the only male). She said something to me that has always stuck with me, “You’re very young and have a huge responsibility ahead of you”.
Now come on…I was twenty years old. ‘Responsibility’ wasn’t even in my vocabulary.
In the meantime, I worked as a Professional Makeup artist for film, fashion, television, various make-up lines (for over a decade) and got my Bachelor’s degree from the City College of New York.  All the while, practicing healing work on family and friends.
In hindsight, it was my decision to become a Make-up artist that really gave me a closer connection to women.  I spent thousands of hours in their faces…no really, in their faces.  I was up close and personal, on another level.  But in being so close to women they began to open up.  I listened to what they had to say, their fears, insecurities, strengths and their triumphs.
I began to feel when they started to embrace their beauty as they sat in front of me getting their make-up applied.  Make-up for me wasn’t just a slap it on and cover-up type of thing.  To me, it was helping them to remember how absolutely fantastic they’d always been, whether they knew it or not.
I can’t imagine where I’d be today if I hadn’t become a make-up artist, but in 2010, while living in New York I attended an Introduction to Crystal Healing Course.  I met a well-known Healer.
And we all know that phrase, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Well, she appeared alright.
And so my journey began…again.
After training with her for a greater part of the year, I decided to take the professional plunge.  I had absolutely no idea where to begin.  Come to think of it, they really should create manuals for stepping out into the unknown.  And what they don’t tell you is that when you go into this type of work, is that have to work on yourself constantly.
Oh yeah…and don’t forget about practice, practice, and really fine-tuning your skills.
I started small, friends-of-friends, word-of-mouth and a website.  I began to study with other Healers, Shamans, Personal Development Coaches and a term I like to think that I coined, “Spiritual Ninjas”.
Now my roots as a Reiki Practitioner will always be there.  I pull a lot of what I do from Energy Healing, Crystal Therapy and some really kick-butt subconscious healing work(a.ka. NLP) because in the end we all want lasting results that get to the root of our issues so that we can move forward with a deep sense of self-worth and confidence.
Today, I work with women, from all over the world, just like you who are ready to speak their TRUTH, overcome their fears and doubts, and are changing their negative experiences/emotions into fuel for their personal power.

My goal to assist you in becoming better than you ever imagined.

Now, this won’t happen overnight.  Although, I’ll by there by your side to facilitate the process, it takes dedication and some serious self-reflection on your part…trust me.

If you’re ready to step into your power and really LIVE.  I’d love to hear from you, set up a heart-to-heart talk and see where we can go together.