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Author NicholasPepe

Cleansing the Aura

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Throughout each day, our aura comes into contact with people, places and things.  And as the day progresses we gradually pick up ‘pyschic dirt’.  This process is akin to working the entire day, accumulating physical dirt and coming home to take a shower.  What would happen if you never took a shower?  Treat your aura the same way.

I’ve found through my experience, working with clients and my daily psychic hygiene that there are many different ways to clear the aura.  Some are more effective than others, and it’s my goal here to provide you with what is the most effective.

Each of these techniques can be practiced daily or whenever you feel guided.  For those that are more sensitive (i.e. empaths,healers, psychics,shamans) there’s a responsibility to keep the aura free and clear of debris so that one does not get bogged down by all the”schmootz”. That is why cleansing the aura is of the utmost importance.


Each day when I wake up and when I get home.  I sage myself. This is my go to step for cleansing the aura. Sage has been traditionally used for clearing space, but it also works well for nullifying any unwanted energies in your energy field.  I suggest buying a sage spray as its the safest and works just as well as the smoke.

Salt Baths

I usually take 20 to 40 minutes in the evening or as you feel guided, using a 1/2 a pound to a pound of either epson salt, scented bath salt, or himalayan salt.  I’ve found that the salt really clears any unwanted energies off the aura.  If you’re pressed for time, don’t have a bath, or don’t like taking baths.  Try using the salt all over your body during a shower.

Tingsha Bells

Who would have thought that sound would work, but it does.  I love genuine tingsha bells(the fake one’s have a’tinny’ sound  to them).  In addition, real tingsha bells are made of seven different metals.  The bells help to re-align the chakras and at the same time creating waves of sound carrying out any disharmonious energy.

There are a plethora of ways to keep the aura free and clear of debris.  These are the few that I’ve found the most effective.  Try a combination of these techniques or one at a time and find what works best for you.

Remember, a clean aura is also refelected in the physical.  So treat all of you with love and care.


Angkor Wat | Cambodia | Sunrise

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Visiting Angkor Wat was an amazing experience. We chose to do the 3 day pass but were only able to make it for two days. In the morning, at 5:00 a.m., we left for Angkor Wat at Sunrise. When we arrived it was still pitch black and we needed flashlights to light our way.
We waited. There were people all around us, each of us holding our positions to take the best shot.
When the sun began to rise, each of our cameras seemed to pick up more and more of Angkor Wat, temples forming with the light shining from behind.

Enjoy the video. It was well-worth the journey.

New Year’s Eve | Koh Phi Phi | Thailand

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Neither of us have been on an island on New Year’s Eve with so much energy. There was a feeling of well-being and excitement. We went to an amazing beach party and there was a connected feeling, and in that connected feeling everyone felt free.

One of the most amazing moments was that of watching people send their floating candles off into the sky. It was really inexspensive at 100 Baht(about $3 U.S.). Michael and I were told it was good luck to light one. Many of the people wrote in black marker their wishes, prayers, and intentions for the New Year. Friends gathered around trying to light flying candles as you heard the click, click, click of the lighters until the candles were ignited.

Groups of people stood around these candles, letting the heat build. If they let them go too early they would sink to the ground, so they had to be patient. As the heat in the flying candle built, peoples arms would raise, and finally they would let go.

We watched dozens flying in the sky and wondered where they would land, or would they just disappear into the universe. Answers to all these prayers finding their way back to each person in magnificent ways.

F@#% Your Comfort Zone

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In my experience,  comfort can be a double-edged sword.  It’s one thing to be in the comfort of your own home, around family, friends, in front of a fireplace and even ‘comfort’ food.  The comfort I’m talking about is the comfort of inaction.  Just settling because it’s the everyday norm.  The fear of anything coming in to change your everyday life,  the hub-bub of ‘groundhog’ day.

Each day we settle into comfort zones in our jobs, relationships and ways we express ourselves.  It’s much the same as living in Los Angeles your whole life and never taking a trip to see anything outside of it.  Sure,  L.A.’s  great because you know the lay of the land, the freeways, food places, beaches, etc.  Yet all you know is L.A.  What about Tahiti?  What about New York?  What about Paris?  What about Africa?  There’s so much more to see in the world and there’s so much to experience within you.

I know that deep down within each of us we know that we are all infinitely special.  That there’s more to us than what we could possibly imagine.  That we could be find one thing each day to step out of our comfort zones.

Start small and eventually you’ll begin to break the box of limitations in which you live.

Let’s Pretend

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Let’s pretend today that you have everything you ever wanted.  You wake up, you bask in the gratitude for all that you have, and move forward in your day with that knowing in mind.

How many people have you know that pretended that they were greatness?  I’m not saying just pretend, but really get into the feeling of it.  If you want a brand new mansion in the hills, go visit an open house.  If you want to travel the world look at pictures for where you want to go and visualize it.  Hoping to snag that dream job?  Act as if you already have it.  Send out ‘fake’ e-mails, ‘call’ co-workers, and really get into it.  Maybe you could even dress up.

So today Let’s pretend.  Remember, your imagination is limitless.  Express it.!  The universerse doesn’t know the difference between real and fake.  It only creates what you want it to.

I Lie to Myself

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The one spirit that we can never lie to is ourselves.  In my work,  I always advise people to be authentic with themselves.  Find out what works in your life and change things that do not work.
There’s never any sense in wasting your time.  How many times in our lives have we stayed in an unhealthy situation because we convinced ourselves to stay in it?  How often have we painted a different picture in order to be percieved a hero, more revered and often times held above others in our daily lives?  What are we portraying that isn’t truth?  You can lie to everyone else, but inside you know what’s there.

I ask each of you today to be authentic in your presence.  Be a force today,  by being you.  It’s okay to be different.  It’s okay to not be like the rest.  In fact,  who the hell wants to be normal?  It’s boring.

Just be you;  You are far more magnificent than you could ever imagine.


Mama E

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Mother Earth is a connection of ourselves.  The way we treat the earth is essentially what we are doing to ourselves.  Shamans, Druids, Healers, and the Wise ones have known that connecting to earth is re-connecting to ourselves.  In the day of technology, we drift further and further away from who we are.  We fill ourselves with the internet each day, television and cell phones.  Now, I’m not saying to throw all things technology away and go live off the grid.  What I’m saying is to find balance in working with your earth energies and technology.  Take time each morning to meditate, connect to the earth.  Here’s a quick link to a  meditation by Krista Mitchell .

Quick tips for connecting to the Mother Earth:

Meditate with Crystals and Stones

Hug a tree(It works)

Qi Gong

Take nature walks


Sending you earth blessings today from MAMA E.

Strageties to NoWhere

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Stratgies to NoWhere


Nicholas Pepe


His bare feet pressed against the hardwood floor, back against the couch and his hand on the remote.  In the corner, a plant with leaves that dangle from the ceiling. Most of the leaves are brown, crispy, and hanging on by a memory of someday getting to drink water again.

The tv’s on.  He’s watching a new reality show about the making of a reality show.  His mind wanders about nothing.  Glued to the TV, literally.  He gets up and presses his finger down on the power button.  He sees a flash of a new commericial of a new reality show about the day-in-the-life of a reality show star.  He turns the tv back on.  Sits down and holds on tightly to his remote, flipping through channels on the commercial break.

He doesn’t notice the crumbs of food in-between the remote buttons, the finger print where you take the batteries out and the small crack at the top right of the remote.  His mouth feels dry, he feels the texture of his tongue against his lips, trying to wet them to moisturize them.  The wood under his feet is cold.  He stares at the tv.  His stomach rumbles.  He stares at the screen.  He rubs his eye with the back of his  right hand(the one with the remote).  He stares at the Television.  He shifts his foot slightly.  He gazes at the boob toob. He blinks twice,  focuses on the monitor, and turns the volume up, drowning out Everything.



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Nothing is ever destroyed.  It only changes form.

Throughout our lives we have been taught that once something is destroyed it can never come back and yet that is further from the truth.  When a leaf falls from a branch, it rests upon the earth, gradually it begins to lose it color,  turning to brown, and then absorbing into the earth.   The leaf never died, never left, never disappeared.  It only changed form, becoming food for the tree from which it sprung and that leaf will sprout new leaves, thicker branches and deeper roots.

How many times in your life have you faced challenges?  Lost a a job? A Love? A family Member?  And in this process realized that in the transition you have been left with infinite gifts.  A different perspective and an opportunity to use those experiences to empower your life.

You are never left with no-thing.  Use these experiences the same way a tree does, as wisdom for the soul.