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Author NicholasPepe

Express Yourself

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We have often been taught to hold our tongue.  In other words, hold back your power. Conform, limit and supress. It’s often that we supress who we are in order to please others, ourselves and societies values.

When we express who we truly, we find ourselves. We access our unlimited ‘potentiality’. What if I had the job I truly love? How would my life be different? What if I stopped living from a place of what’s expected of me and started living from my soul’s song? Today is a better day than any to start. Could you start right now? How would your life improve? What if I said yes to happiness? Could I stop just cruising through life and really put my hands on the wheel and take control? What if I started investing in GREATNESS and the pursuit of EXCELLENCE?

I ask each of you today to express yourself by doing something you love. Plant the seed and all you’ll have to do is water it.

Ways your Qi can become depleted

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Chi is the energy that exists in everything.  It’s the force that drives our experience here as spiritual beings.      Qi is the feeling you feel  when you meet someone you don’t trust or expressing your love to another and feeling it is Qi.  When our vital life force or Qi is depleted we may find ourselves irritable, low energy, stressed, sensitve and out of sorts.

In my experience, there are many ways that your Qi can become  depleted.

Stress zaps all the bodies systems.  When you are stressed your body tightens, breath shortens and you expell more life force to ‘make it through’.

Lack of sleep weakens your chi.  Sleep rejuvinates and revitalizes the body, mind, and soul.  Without sleep your life force becomes depleted.  Think of sleep as your energy gas station, and when you are running low,  you are running on fumes.

Fast Food plays a large part in our vital energy.  Fast food isn’t nutritious. In fact, Angela Ginn(Healthy Self) whose a registered dietician and national spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics states, “Happier food choices equal a happier individual”.  Fast food tends to have little to no life force.  Make healthier choices by eating Organic, and adding fresh veggies and fruits to your diet.

Lack of Exercise keeps the bodies systems stagnant.  Since our bodies are primarily water  exercise can help to invigorate the body.



Remember the Trees

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Growth and evolution occur in our lives daily.  Some may feel that they are moving fast through life and others may feel that they are not moving fast enough, while some feel they are not moving at all.  In my experience, Growth occurs at different rates for each individual.  It’s never a question of moving fast or slow.  It’s really the process of growth.

If you find yourself frustrated with the rate of your growth pay attention to the trees.  Trees are nature’s symbol for patience,persistence and observation.  Each tree grows at their own rate.  They stay in one place their entire lives and still continue to grow.  Their leaves change color and fall off in fall, gone in winter and the leaves return in spring and summer(It’s a lot like our cycle’s in life).  Birth, shedding, death and re-birth.

Next time you feel that you’re behind or aren’t growing ‘fast enough’, remember the trees and know that growth and the evolution of your soul is always occuring.

Meditation in the Morning

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The best time in the morning to meditate.  Don’t pick up your phone or computer.  Give yourself some time to ease into your day. Years ago I would wake up with just enough time to get ready for work.  I’d rush out of bed, take a shower, iron my  clothes and stop thru a drive thru.  It wasn’t the best way to start my day.  What I was creating was a frantic day of rushing around.  So everything I did was only a quarter as good as it could have been.  I didn’t ease into my day.  I had to learn to let go and let flow.

That’s where morning meditation came in.  For the past decade I have had a meditation practice.  I wake up with enough time to meditate, eat breakfast and relax into my day.  In my experience, Meditating in the morning has several benefits.

1.  Increased Awareness(physically,mentally, emotionally, spiritually)

2.  You don’t sweat the small stuff.

3.  Your day goes much more smoothly.

4.  Better decision making.

5.  Stress-Relief(Priceless).

Begin your meditation practice.   It’s the best investment you can make in yourself.


Fear of Flying

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Fear is a powerful motivator.  Fear creates tunnel vision.  The possibilities of choices become narrowed.  It’s much harder to see the big picture and the limitless choices that are offered to you in each moment.  If you find that you have  ‘no choice’ then that is your choice.  If you can change your state away from fear, the infinte possibilities begin to open up points your choices will open up.

I am not immune to fear.  Most of us aren’t but there are ways in which we can control our state.  Stand strong even in the face fear and realize that it’s merely an illusion meant to compromise our unlimited potential.

When I first starting to get into healing work there was a lot fear that arose in me.  One of the main fears that arose was that I would be thought of as crazy.  I’m following my path and yet I was still worried about what others were thinking.  In a way, I went into hiding.  Only telling a few people of the work I was doing.  Finding ways to promote myself by referral.  It wasn’t until I had an interview with Essence Magazine that I could no longer hide.  There was my fear.  Loud and in print all over the nation.  When we try to lay low the universe will always find a way to help you learn your lesson.

There went my fear.  I went from feeling fearful to being honored.    I just needed a nudge from the universe to realize the fear was only an illusion.  It existed just not in my world.

Make the concious choice to stand in your power and stand firm.

Loving Nature

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Today, I took time in nature at a local garden.  I noticed that life often requires silence and the silence I needed was found in nature. Far away from the tv’s, Facebooks, Twitter’s and all other social media outlets.  We invest our energy in so many things that we often become depleted.

This is where our focus comes in.  What we focus our intention on  is what we bring into our experience.  If we surround ourselves with peace and tranquility then that is what we bring into our experience.  If we focus on too many ‘things’ then our energy doesn’t know where to go.  A little of this…a little of that and nothing really comes to fruition because our creative energy is scattered.   What we want its cohesion.

Nature has taught me to turn my focus into the moment.  Don’t spread yourself thin by thinking about the past and the future.  All you need is right now.  Invest in the moment and fall in love again and again with life.

In the future, if you feel depeleted or stressed take time in nature to recharge your energy, expand your awareness and listen to the spirit within

Master of the Universe

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It is important to understand that we are here on this plane of existence to take charge of our lives.  That the challenges we face are ways in which we grow, experience and acquire wealth on a soul level.  There can be no-thing in your life that has not entered by accident.  The people you love, your finances, friends, jobs and day-to-day experiences are the result of what you think, feel, believe and perceive.

We may all know of a person who always complains that they are always sick, always single, always broke and in turn are always sick, single and broke.  This same individual complains that everything ‘bad’ happens to them.  In essence, they are giving away their power.  Nothing ever happens to you, YOU happen to it.

Start by taking responsibility for everything in your life.  Think of yourself as a creator.  Take charge.  Everything is choice.  Chose to envision wonderful things for your life no matter where you are on you journey or the challenges you may face.  There’s a better way and it’s up to you.  Be the Master of Your Universe and create a life filled with wonder.

Tools to assist you on your journey:


    1. Surround yourself with people who make you happy.
    2. Change the word ‘Problems’ into Lessons.
    3. Create a vision board.  Here’s a link to Priya Sher Feng Shui Practitioner’s vision board blog.