How To Live with Courage, Confidence and Freedom

Inspiring Words to Reclaim Your Power

When we find our passion, it starts with that hunger, the idea, the dream, and when we don't nurture it. It can begin to fade, like the sun setting in the distance or the way black clothes fade every time you wash them.

Nicholas Pepe

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About The Author

I'm an Energy Healer and Personal Development Coach who specializes in helping women who are ruled by doubt, fear and 'low confidence' learn how to manage their emotions so that they can live with Courage, Confidence and Freedom.

I've had the opportunity to work with clients all over the world, been featured in several magazines, major media outlets like MSNBC and Essence Magazine and have trained with some really awesome people.

Courageous Acts of Self-Love has been inspired by the ONE THING that can hold you back in life...YOU! Just like you. I've been there. Not living my full potential, not stepping into my power, and playing life small.

If you're NOT happy with where you are, or you just need to surround yourself with positive thoughts. This book provides the opportunity to plant the seeds for your GREATNESS and all you'll have to do is water them.

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