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Mama E

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Mother Earth is a connection of ourselves.  The way we treat the earth is essentially what we are doing to ourselves.  Shamans, Druids, Healers, and the Wise ones have known that connecting to earth is re-connecting to ourselves.  In the day of technology, we drift further and further away from who we are.  We fill ourselves with the internet each day, television and cell phones.  Now, I’m not saying to throw all things technology away and go live off the grid.  What I’m saying is to find balance in working with your earth energies and technology.  Take time each morning to meditate, connect to the earth.  Here’s a quick link to a  meditation by Krista Mitchell .

Quick tips for connecting to the Mother Earth:

Meditate with Crystals and Stones

Hug a tree(It works)

Qi Gong

Take nature walks


Sending you earth blessings today from MAMA E.

Meditation Room Ideas Part 2

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In setting up your meditation room or space it’s important to place items in your space that make you feel good and uplift your mood.

There is no right or wrong way to do this;  There is only your way.  Have fun and get creative.

Meditation Room Idea #1:  Create an alter.  Place things on there that you love.  It can be affirmation, deities or anything else that is of sentiment to you.  The point is to keep you focused.

Meditation Room Idea #2:  Place crystals in your meditation space.  They raise the vibration of the space, promote relaxation, and help to purify the energy in the space.  Try placing amethyst, smokey quartz, or rose quartz in your space.

Meditation Room Idea #3:  Cushions that are comfortable.  If you aren’t comfortable, mediation will be difficult.  Find colors that are solid and make sure that the material is soft to touch.

Find what works for you and have fun creating your meditation room.

Crystals and Meditation

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Crystals and Meditation

My advice is to take at least ten minutes for your meditation.  Find a quite place where you won’t be disturbed.  A nice touch would be to play some meditation music in the background, light a candle or purchase a meditation mat.

When utitlizing Crystal Healing Therapy with stones or crystals they must first be cleansed and charged.  Take a moment to state your intention for your meditation or you can say a prayer.  There is no right or wrong way to do this.  There is only your way.

Place the stone or crystal in your receiving hand which is your non-dominant hand and pay attention.  You may feeling a buzzing, pulsing, or relaxation.  There may images that may come up in your mind’s eye, feelings, and mental and emotional shifts.   Be open to the knowledge the stone is transmitting to you.  Don’t try too hard. Trust in your intuition and honor what comes up first.

Work with whatever stone you feel guided to.  I can promise you that the crystal you are working with is the one that you need this very moment.

When you finish with your meditation do what you feel guided to.  This is your meditation with stones.  Do what works for you and you will always honor your spirit.


Get Grounded

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Being grounded is very important as it solidifies our 100 percent presense in our own body.  Like a tree ,it’s firmly rooted into the earth, immovable, as this is how we remain present.  By staying in the present one will less likely to be “spacey” or easily shaken by any “chaos”.  Remember, your POWER is in the PRESENT.

So, there a many ways to ground onself.  I will name a few and try them and trust what you resonate most with.

1.  Exercise

Exercise really gets you into your physical body.  If you are having trouble concentrating, “all over the place” and thinking about the future and the past.  Exercise gets your blood pumping, but most importantly the physical activity makes you aware of your physical body.  The only time and place you should be thinking about is “Now”.

2.  Food

Food is one of my favorites because food not only grounds us but can also acts as our medicine.  One of my favorites is protein.  Try eating nuts, a scoop of peanut butter, chicken, fish anything that is protein based.

3.  Crystals/Stones

Try holding a smokey quartz in your receiving hand(your non-dominant hand).  Smokey quartz not only connects you to the earth, but fills the aura with a purifying effect similar to sage.

Remain present is each moment.  When you are truly here, you can make sound changes and decisions in your life.  Rememeber, the present is what is important.  Stay grounded and trust in your intuition.