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EMF Protection Devices

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I’ve struggled with Emf’s for a while.  What are EMF’s?  It stands for Electromagnetic Frequency.  On some level, everything is emiting an Electromagnetic Frequency.  When I’m talking about EMF’s I’m talking about the harmful one’s.  The EMF’s that come from cell phones, cell towers, computers, wi-fi cafe’s, electrical equipment and power lines.  If you are sensitive to Electromagnetic Frequency’s this can help.

I remember when I first purchased the I-phone 4.  I was getting really bad headaches, I felt dizzy, and was very lethargic.  I told a friend that I wasn’t feeling well and I thought it was linked to the Iphone.  Of course, he said I was crazy.

Let me preface this.   I do not work for Safe Space Protection, nor am affiliated with them in any way.   My mentor recommend that I purchase the safe space cell phone chip.  Most EMF devices shield the harmful EMF’s this one changes the frequency was harmful to harmless.  It’s really inexspensive $29.95 and I just purchased a brand new one for my I-pad mini and my new I-phone 5.  I cannot say enough great things about their products.

Another product that I use from them is the SafeSpace 1.  It effects 1000 ft. around an environment clearing emf’s in every direction(I’m even clearing my neighbors homes and not getting paid for it).  Please check the website for availability.  You can really feel the difference in a day.  For areas that are heavily saturated with Electromagnetic Smog it may take several days.  Make sure you place the product in a corner where light can hit it as it runs on solar energy.   It’s a holographic unit that’s encoded with EMF clearing technology.  I’ve had it for over three years and still works the same as the day I got it.  It’s a little pricier but a good investment nonetheless.

For a more inexspensive alternative,  try working with fluorite.  A fluoride based mineral that helps to clear EMF’s out of the Electromagnetic field.  It not only clears EMF’s but is very protective.  You can pick up a fluorite crystal at any local metaphysical store.  If you are in Los Angeles try Aum & Garden and if you are in the New York Area try Stick, Stone, and Bone, or Rockstar Crystals.  You can also try online on Amazon, or Ebay.  It’s best to carry on you or you can place it on your computer to act as a shield.

The other crystal I recommend is Lepidolite and it has adept at clearing Electromagnetic Smog.   This is one the best stones to do the job.  It’s relatively inexspensive and it can also help to calm the emotions as an added benefit.  Make sure to clear your stones properly prior to using them.

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