The Power of Communication

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The Power of Communication

Everything is communication.

It starts with the synapses in our brain, our cells, blood, organs and muscle movement. The taste of food on our taste buds, the feel of two hands holding (the rising sun across your eyelids), the view of a storm in the distance, the smell of steaming garbage during a New York summer on the side of the street, and the sounds of trumpets blowing in a jazz quartet.

We go throughout our days communicating through body language, ideas, states of mind, whether we feel secure or not in who we are/becoming.

Our social media posts or lack of posts or whether we are on social media or not. These are sending a message.

Each action is a reaction or response to the way that we connect within ourselves.

Our personal perception filters the way in which we share.

Outer communication starts with the relationships that we have with ourselves. Inner breeds the outer. The outer is a product of the inner.

It starts with you. It always has.

Do we harm others when we ‘speak’? Do we hold their emotions dear to us like a cherished family member or friend? Do fear, greed and anger taint our words and actions like an oil slick on the ocean’s surface, coating all that we express?

We must first go inside. To the places where it begins to feel uncomfortable, unlikable, avoidable, shame-filled and mis-understood.

To the places where the abuser, the murderer of dreams, the judge, the thief and the derelect live. The parts in us that we deem unfit to acknowledge.

They are there, influencing our choices, our words, our body language, our emotions, and our connection with everything and everyone.

That is why there’s hate in the world.

The parts of us that are hated have been harmed, violated and twisted so that others will pay for the pain that has been left unresolved; Like a child crying in the corner, forgotten, left alone, like a wound in your side that you have yet to treat, numbing the pain(which is communication) with vicadin. but never taking the time to get it looked at, so that it can return to the frequency in which to heal.

All the while your spirit has been striving to be whole, amidst the pain, numbness or the emotions that have been explained away with a lie.

Your soul has been trying to communicate with you.

And all avenues no matter how beautiful, mundane or challenging that come our way are guiding us towards this.

You see. We need to refine our communication. Stop avoiding each other, stop using our phones as barriers to connect. To really understand that everything we do is communicating something.

We can begin to infuse our interactions with purpose, path and graciousness. Create an emotional dialogue with ourselves so see where we are out of balance.

We must remind ourselves that the challenges we face communicate opportunities to remind us what we were born here for in the first place…And that’s Greateness.

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