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Take an emotional Sh#*

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In my experience, one of the downfalls in life is not being able or willing to release your pent up emotions.  They can be deep seeded even, traumatic at times and yet we hold onto them like a best friend that you’ve never wanted to have.  Holding onto your emotions can have negative effect on your life.

Let’s paint a not so pretty picture of someone who is physically constipated.  It’s being held all in, day after day, eventually the person begins to feel bloated, overly full, irritable and eventually begins to feel foggy.   A lack of energy sets in with all the toxins that are backed up in their system.

Hopefully/Eventually the person clears out all the garbage.  Not only do they feel clearer and more energized their mood is in high spirits, things are brighter and life contains much more clarity.

The analogy is the same with one’s emotions.  It’s the same thing, Emotional Constipation. You hold all those repressed emotions in and eventually you start to react in the same way, just on emotional level.  Those emotions would begin to become toxic to the emotional body if they aren’t released in a healthy way.  What if you could release all of them, what if you could change your life by letting go of all the negative emotions?  It would leave a lot more room and space for your greatness to come in.  A lot less ‘baggage’ and a zest for life.

Don’t avoid them.  They are there to remind you that something is out of balance in the emotional body and/or system.

Some of the ways I’ve released my emotions is by getting regular Energy Healing and NLP sessions.  On a daily basis I write regularly, sing and draw to keep my emotions balanced.  I’ve known many who’ve done a combination of professional medical assistance and others who integrate the two.  My point is let that sh@* out in a healthy way.


I’m getting a bad vibe

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Each space we enter has a certain feel, a vibe, a way in which it’s distinguished from any other space.  The way you percieve it is up to your perception.  Most of the time we ignore the feeling of a space because the shell or the ‘gold plating’ appears to be beautiful.  Other times, we disregard our first  initial intuitive response and caste it to the side  because we may possibly be thinking too much.

The best example is I can give you was years ago I was invited to a party in a geourgeous mansion.  It appeared to be brand new, complete with the latest appliances, modern furniture and a gorgeous kitchen that a chef would swoon over.  I remember walking in and saying to myself, “Wow.  This is nice” but something felt wrong, very wrong.  Everyone seemed to be congregating in the kitchen area which had party appetizers all over the table.  I made a plate for myself and began to talk to my fellow-party goers.  I felt uncomfortable, not because of them but the space.

I remember telling a friend something isn’t right here.  As the party went on, I realized that I couldn’t remain inside anymore and had to retire to the front lawn where a group of people were gathered.  Soon after this we ended up leaving.  It wasn’t until  months later that I found out that the house had recently been in a terrible fire(arson) and was gutted and redone using the existing structure as the skeleton.

On the other side, I’ve walked into spaces where you could feel an overwhelming sense of love in the home or you just felt damn good in the space.

When you get a feeling on a place.  Whether you are apartment hunting or buying a house make sure it feels great.

My advice,  Walk into a sanctuary.

Come back down to Earth

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My roots thrive in dirt, colored leaves strewn about, waiting to wither into earth.
Decaying Leaves and water nourish my trunk and limbs. The soil I live in is soaked by falling rain.
I experience each root growing deeper, deeper into the earth.  Rocks and boulders can’t stop me. I adapt. I move around them. I stand tall in the face of the wind, and still, while snow falls. I am a witness to all and patient at the core.
Beyond all this, I continue to GROW.


Change your filter, change your life.

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I’ve had the opportunity work with many people that require a little change of perception. When we walk into a problem its very easy to see it head on, for what ‘it is’. But what it might be is something else.
Let us introduce the power of changing your perception(essentially we are changing the filter in which we view things). Each of us knows how to use a filter all too well. Think of photography as the photographer changes lenses or filters to get a different shot. Also think of instagram or the billions of selfies that are seen across social media. We use those filters to make ourselves or the environment appear a particular way. The filters in which we view things change the way we percieve them.
For instance, think of someone that has recently lost their job. They feel upset, lost and defeated. The best that you can do for that friend is to offer them a new way to look at it.
Try saying , ‘maybe this is the perfect time to go out there and get the job you really want’ or ‘I wish I had some free time to clear my head’.
You don’t have to be positive all the time. Just offer them a new filter/way to see the experience through.
It’s about each of us being flexible in our perception. The more caught up we get with our disempowering filters the less opportunities we have for success and a happy life.
Try it. If something doesn’t go as planned change your filter and change your life for the better.


Crystals and Airplanes Oh My!

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I recently traveled across the world to Chiang Mai, Thailand where I now live.  I’ve crossed Ley Lines, times zones , and the International Dateline.  To be exact, I’m 15 hours and one day ahead of Los Angeles, California.  It’s a lot on the body and spirit to move across the world, yet there is still work to be done, and ways to calm the system along the way.

We all know that flying on an airplane can be heavy on the system with the constant exposure to radiation and EMF’s.  Some can deal with it better than others and when you are sensitive to energies it can be a challenge.  Luckily, there are ways to soften the experience.  As I’ve said before,  we are mult-dimensional beings existing in more than one plane.  What I mean by this is that we have an EMF field or an Aura that surrounds the physical body that acts as a protective sheath.  It is mostly invisible to the naked eye but can be seen via Kirilian Photography.  In addition, Many psychics, healers, and mystics are also able to see it.

When we are on planes we are being bombarded by incoherent and disorganized EMF frequencies. Also, when you cross time zones, ley lines or even the international dateline it can throw off your grounded connection to the earth.   This can place stress on our personal EMF field.  In my experience, I’ve been on a flight for 16 hours and was fine the first five but as the time went on I started to feel tense, tense and more tense.  My stomach went into knots and I couldn’t relax, nor could I sleep.

If you are sensitive, then here are some tools that I have used that have helped me tremendously.
First of all, I always carry Hematite with me.  It acts as an anchor the earth so that even though you are flying high you are still connected to earth.  There are other grounding stones but I’ve found that hematite necklaces, rings, tumbled stones, really load up on it.

Another of my favs would be black tourmaline,  It keeps in all the goodness and keeps all the pesky lower incoherent energies out.  It is also a grounding stone.

In addition, try fluorite.  Remember,  I spoke about disorganized energies bombarding your personal EMF.  Well this adds a clarity and organization to your energy field, helping to protect, bolster and to focus your Aura.

Try to mix in other stones as you see fit and figure out what combos work best for you.  Keep in mind, I’m just the ‘map maker’ it’s your decision on how you want to get there.

The Present Moment

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The smell of fried chicken and drying fish fills the air as I walk into the marketplace.  Stand upon stand of different foods,  partialy cut pineapples, tomatoes, onions, and durian.  Klak! klak! the butchers blade slams against the wood, parts of the pig now in pieces.  It’s head and snout staring straight up into the air.  I ignore the mosquitos biting at my ankles, the chatter of voices blends into nothing I could ever understand and a woman sits cross legged on the floor with a bowl filled with bahts, one hand in prayer position, the other gone.  Most walk around her, others stop to drop a few.

I see a women selling waffles, another selling made-to-order gourmet pizzas that are topped with what looks like a new take on mayonannaise and a liquid tomato paste.  She places a pizza into one of her two ovens under a table and I wonder if she has a generator to power them.

I pass an older woman, with graying hair, pulled into a tight bun, ignoring the man seated in front of her, meldling and molding a metal casing with pliers, getting it just right.  She doesn’t look up.   She’s selling Buddha pendants on a small table, a foot high.  Some pendants are  stone, others metal, and some that look like they have been carved from clay.

I look up.

I realize.  Amidst all the hustle and bustle  there is a quiet, just beneath the sounds or maybe in between them.

The present moment.

The Big Changes!

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We contain everything that we need for our greatness.  I’ve recently moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand and you can imagine…total culture shock.  The shock literally brought out a lot of unconscious fear and security issues that I wasn’t willing/ready to heal.  But ready or not I, had to face those feelings of insecurity and inadequacy because what we ‘put a muzzle on’ always exists in the background of our lives, depleting our energies a little at a time.

One of my mentors has always told me, “pay attention to those hairline fractures” and I always do.  It’s important when going through a big move to make sure that you are completely grounded via crystals, smokey quartz, mediation, healthy eating and/or working out. More than likely, your ability to remain present will be compromised in some way.  Stay grounded and that will keep you in the present moment.   The intelligence of your spirit already knows the move is coming and will naturally begin to acclamate to the new location while you are still in your present location.  This can be a bit disconcerting, but know that is a natural process.

A move in any direction in life, whether it be a new job, relationship, family and/or location change creates change in your life.  Remember, change is the only thing guaranteed in life, so embrace it.


During this big move,  I’ve found  that I’m far more resilient than I realized and the fear I felt was really my courage in disguise waiting to be nurtured.  While I’m still adjusting,  I know now that this is a process.



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Gratitude is one of the most powerful forces in the universe.  Oftentimes, one will go through their day and take much for granted.  The smallest blessing is a blessing and when we begin to realize that.  The splendor in life soon follows.  I’ve often spoke about meditation and it’s benefits.  Most times you have to set aside your meditation time.  But being grateful can happen anywhere, anytime.

It can be at the grocery store in the checkout line, the restaurant, and it can even be while you are work.  Fill your day with gratitude.

One of the most important techniques I use to infuse gratitude into my experience is by doing a gratitude list each evening before I go to sleep.  The morning works just as well but the evening works for me.  I write down a list of ten things I’m grateful for.  I really get into it.  Kinda like a gratitude meditation.  I suggest writing a list of at least ten things that you are grateful for.  It can be anything.  My advice,  pen and paper.  I know a computer can be easier but there’s something about pen to paper that really solidifies the energy.  Once you begin to do this, pay attention to your days. How are things going when you resonate with gratitude?   And if you skip your gratitude list?  How does your day go?

Your gratitude practice can start this very moment.  Take the time each day to infuse gratitude into your life and watch hte magic happen.