Benefits of Meditation

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According to Psychology Today, Neuro-Scientists have found that people who meditate shift their brain activity to different areas of the cortex.  Brain waves in the the right frontal cortex produce stress while meditators brain waves move to the left frontal cortex which is calming.  This shift in mental activity decreases the negative effects of stress, mild depression, and anxiety.  In addition, there is less activity in the amygdala, where the brain processes fear.

What does all this mean for those of who meditate?  Psychology Today states after a study conducted at University of Massachussettes medical school that those who meditate are calmer and happier.

Meditation isn’t something that’s out there or even woo-woo.  We all have an on-going desire to live stress-free lives,  ease of emotions and, remain calm when everything around us is out of control.

Taking five to ten minutes a day to meditate can make significant changes in one’s life.  It can be as simple as including it in your morning routine or before you go to sleep at night, while lying in bed, or finding a place where you won’t be disturbed.  Meditation gives one the opportunity to not only calm oneself, but to give the individual “emotional perspective”.

For further information about Meditation,  check out my website and blogs for tips and techniques to get started on your journey to relaxation.

Newton and Einstein: Approaches to Healing

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In western culture, a boom of alternative healing methods are being used in healing many forms of dis-ease.

Present-day medical views are deeply rooted in a Newtonian worldview, Allopathic Medicine. According to Dr. Richard Gerber(Author of Vibrational Medicine), “Doctors conceptualize the body as a type of grand machine which is controlled by the brain and peripheral nervous system:  the ultimate biological computer.” Newtonian way of thinking was first approached in the industrial revolution. Which happens to be over one hundred years old. Physicians in present day see the body as a complex machine.  In which the heart is a ‘mechanical pump’ that delivers blood and oxygen to the system. Today, doctors can replace, create, and synthesis the organs and systems of the body. Doctors have become the mechanics, and architects of our bodies.

But, is there a different approach to healing?

The Einsteinian paradigm is the opposite. Dr. Gerber states, “as applied to vibrational medicine sees human beings as networks of complex energy fields that interface with physical/cellular systems. Vibrational medicine uses specialized forms of energy to positively affect those energetic systems that may be out of balance due to disease states.” Einstien himself said that all matter is energy.  The theoretical perspective is that our subtle bodies or the aura are affected by our emotions, mental, and spiritual states. If there are imbalances, in any of these areas, it will then affect the physical body. Vibrational medicine strives to heal the illness using the subtle energy fields instead of ‘working on’ the physical body with medications and surgery(Newtonian Paridgym).

As the paradigm is shifting, it seems that both have a place in modern medicine as the efficacy of integrative medicine is being recognized around the world.



Love Life

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Invest in yourself and do things alone. Now I’m not saying to be a perpetual loner.  What I’m saying is to get to know yourself.   I know people who won’t go anywhere by themselves or certain places such as the movies, dinner, the beach or the grocery store.

I must ask, how can you expect anyone to be alone with you all the time when you have trouble being alone with yourself?  Take yourself to the movies or lunch or dinner.  Dress up and make it special.  It may be uncomfortable at first, but you will find that it is quite liberating.

Charity Work.  If you have ever done anything out of the goodness of your being and expecting only thank you’s and smiles in return.  Then you know how important volunteering once in a while can fill you with fulfillment.  There’s “no pay” yet what you gain from the experience is so far beyond money that it transcends the physical plane.  Charity is a practice in compassion and service to humanity.  Choose a charity that speaks to you, personally.

Cell Phone Screen Saver

As I’ve said before in previous blogs.  We are magnets, attracting and repelling people, opportunities, and experiences.  One way to attract someone into your experience is to focus upon it.  Get a picture that represents love for you, preferebly something that illicits an emotional response(the more the picture makes you feel good the better.)  Use this picture as the screen saver on your phone.  Every time you look at your phone, the picture will be there reminding you of the love that “has already manifested into your life.”

Most importantly, choose what resonates with you and honor yourself.  The goal is to stretch your perception, the more you can perceive the more, options you will have.

I send you blessings on bringing love into your life.  Remember, when you are loving yourself, it makes it so much easier for someone else to love you.