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Crystal Healing Therapy

Crystal Reiki Training in Bangkok

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Crystal Reiki Training in Bangkok is a new offering.  It’s a combination of Crystal Healing and Usui Reiki(a japanese spiritual healing technique).  What’s great about this training is that anyone can learn and really tap into their innate power to begin to heal themselves and others without any experience at all.  In addition, Crystal Reiki training is free of any religious beliefs or dogma.

Reiki is used to create balance, relieve stress and to harmonize the energies in a session.  While the crystals are there to heal the specifics of the current challenge, Reiki is there to harmonize those energies so that they really get to the root of the issue.  What’s great about the crystals is that they can be used for a variety of challenges including,  financial, love, self-confidence, stress-relief, physical, emotional and spiritual healing. In essence, Crystal Healing can be used for anything.  If there’s something you require help with there’s always a crystal out there.

Crystal Reiki Training in Bangkok is offered regularly and by request.  Please note classes are limited to four people so that everyone recieves individualized instruction.  Contact me here for any questions, pricing or to schedule your Crystal Reiki Training today.

Length of time: Can be taught in 2 full days(back-to-back), bi-weekly or in four half-day trainings.

Included in Crystal Reiki training Level One(2 Days)

  • Introduction to Crystals
  • How to clear your Aura Using Crystal Energy
  • Connect to Earth and Soul Star Energies(Your soul)
  • How to do Crystal Layouts for the Chakras and physical challenges
  • Reiki hand protocals
  • Grounding and Psychic Protection techniques
  • Learn how to heal yourself and others using Reiki and Crystals
  • Hands on training in a safe, and supportive environment
  • Reiki and Crystal Attunements


Crystal Reiki Level Two Training(2 Days)

  • Crystal Reiki Level 2 Attunement
  • Psychic Development(Developing Clairscientience, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance & telepathy)
  • In-depth Chakra training
  • 3rd Eye Opening Meditation
  • Crystal “Prescriptions”:  Mental & Emotional Healing w/ Crystals
  • Hands-on practice
  • and much more


Crystal Reiki Master

  • Master Attunement
  • Spirit Guide meditation
  • Advanced Psychic Protection and Space Clearing
  • Cutting Chords and Entity Attachments safely and effectively
  • Crystal “Prescriptions”:  Spiritual Healing w/ Crystals
  • Hands on practice
  • and much more


Coming Soon!  Crystal Reiki Master/ Teacher 

Healing Crystals in Chiang Mai

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As a Crystal Reiki Master from the United States, and practicing Crystal Healing Therapy in Chiang Mai. It was quite a struggle to find healing crystals in Chiang Mai. Yes, I came with my entire client kit and my personal stones and ended up paying a lot of for extra charges for the overage in weight for flights. Not to mention, some back pain. In any case, I looked everywhere for healing crystals in Chiang Mai. I walked throughout the Old City during the hot and smog season. Those of you that have experienced it know how uncomfortable it is. I ended up finding some at the Sunday walking street. There are stalls here and there along the street but it wasn’t enough to really beef up my kit. I even found some in the Kad Suan Keaw mall, but if you looked closely to them you’d find that many were badly died or bonded with chromium(which isnt’ a pretty site). Finding Healing Crystals in Chiang Mai or wherever I’m living is important. There’s integrity involved and you want to make sure that your Crystals are the ‘real deal’ and for the most part un-altered. My motto has always been if you find some that are fake be wary. The deal you think you are getting isn’t the deal you think it is. So be cautious!

So over a month of searching, I finally found them. A Healer that has become a dear friend of my mine gave me the information I had been waiting for. She told me there were two crystal shops that have healing crystals in Chiang Mai just outisde of the moat on the East side(She didn’t give me names of the shops nor have I seen any posted). If you are coming driving or walking south on the east side. It’s a 5-10 minute walk south once you see Thae Pae Gate. You’ll come to a street called Loi Kroh road. Make a left there. You’ll know your there when you begin to see lady’s of the night hanging outside of bars with the quintessential pool table in the back or you’ll constantly get asked to recieve a massage(this has been my experience as a man).

Keep walking for about ten minutes(going towards the night bazaar), stick to the right side as that is where they are located across from a Wat(the name I can’t remember). The two shops are right next to one another. There’s a smaller one first which has mostly tumled stones, many are in cabochan form but they still have a great variety and aren’t very expensive. The next one is right next to it. It’s much bigger. With Quartz and a huge variety of other stones, a good sized table, filled with rough and polished crystals and underneath the table are rough quartz crystals, not organized in any particular order or fashion. It was such a relief there was place where I could shop now. I could now work my magic. My mission of finding Healing Crystals in Chiang Mai was complete. As a crystal therapist or crystal lover you know how important it is to find healing crystals, wherever you are in the world. Sometimes, they’ll find you.

Online Crystal Healing Therapy Focus Course

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I discuss this concept with a lot of my students in my In-Person and Online Crystal Therapy Courses. In this video, I talk about Crystal Healing Therapy and which crystals to use to maximize Focus and Willpower.

When we think about it, everything we do requires focus. If we didn’t have focus how would we ever get things done? There would be chaos. Nothing would be arranged properly, advancements in medicine, technology and school would suffer greatly. Focus allows you to narrow in on the activity and be completely there so that you can make right decisions at the appropriate time.

But what if we combined the power of Focus and Willpower. You’d be able to do whatever you set your mind to. Willpower is the core, the individuals sense of self. Willpower is getting things done and going out there an attaining those goals. You get knocked down, and get right back up again.

In Crystal Healing Therapy, you are able to combine the energies of different crystals and minerals. Kinda like a recipe, whereas some work better than others and some aren’t necessarily the best fit.

If you ever wanted to take In-person and Online Crystal Healing Courses. The concept of blending their energies to achieve a desired outcome is part of the process.

So in the spirit of Crystal Healing Therapy let’s first talk about Fluorite. Fluorite is a calcium fluoride crysal. In Crystal Healing Therapy we consider Fluorite the organizational master of the mineral kingdom. It brings clarity to confusion and helps to organize dis-cordant ideas. If you ever find yourself confused about which way to go or which choice to make, try working with Fluorite. It blends the left and right hemisphere of the brain, making it super easy to know what the ‘right’ decision to make is.

Pyrite also known as Pyrite is an iron sulfide mineral. Pyrite is a stone of the will, the physical body, giving you vitality and gusto. In Crystal Healing Therapy it is considered to be a stone of masculine energy or very Yang. It empowers the will center or soloar plexus where your sense of self resides as it energizes it and gives the wearer the drive to get things done. In my Crystal Healing Therapy Courses, I find that when you encounter someone who not is in their ‘power’ and/or lacking vitality, Pyrite can be a great ally in their healing process.

Clear Quartz is a silicon dioxide crystal. In my In-person and Online Crystal Healing Courses I’ve found that clear quartz is the most well-known. Some consider it the master healer of the crystal kingdom and can be found in many of our electronics including computers and LCD screens. Clear Quartz is great for focusing your energy and creating mental clarity. I’ve found that it works great for those that are studying or ‘cramming’ for exams. It will also amplify the wearers energy which can be a bit much for some that are more sensitive to clear quartzs’ energies.

If you want to align the focus, willpower and grounding your energy. Black Onyx is your stone. Black onyx is a calcedony which is a part of the quartz family. Those that are enrolled in any energy healing classes or crystal healing therapy courses. They will find that Black Onyx will align the 3rd Eye, Solar Plexus, and the root chakra. It keeps you centered and not easily swayed by others negative emotional reactions. I call it the ’emotional nullifier’. If anyone that confronts you with negative emotions it will slide right off your energy field.

Enjoy combining focus and willpower.

Psychic Protection

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On some level, everything in existense has energy. The energy of love, gratitude,joy,safety and even anger all resonate on specific frequencies. Working with crystals and stones can help to remind one of their prtotective forces that are natually within, keeping us at a vibration that doesn’t resonate with lower energies.

When I first began to work with the stones at a very young age. I thought they were pretty little crystal babies. I had no idea as a child that the amethyst and quartz crystals that I was buying were actually assisting me in protecting myself and helping along me along my evolution.

In all my Energy Healing Sessions, I use Crystal Healing Therapy.  Crystals play a huge part in the work that I do and in no way am I saying that the stones are doing all the work.  In the end, you have free will and it’s up to you to support and empower your boundaries.

Black Tourmaline
Let’s start off with what I call the ‘Cardinal Protection Stone’, Black Tourmaline.
It helps to keep the goodness in while keeping lower energies out. In my experience, Not only is it great for protection but it can also assist in grounding oneself into the body as well as help to relieve the energy system from stress. This is one stone that I carry with me almost everyday.

Amethyst, a quartz based crystal has the energy of the violet flame of transmutation, raising and clearing negative energies and transmuting them into light. I’ve personally it in my Energy Healing Sessioins to assist in worry, anxiety. It’s also great to sleep with at night for a little extra comfort. In addition, it can help to develop psychic abilities and assist during meditation in safe and protected way.

Labradorite has to be one of my favorite stones. What caught my eye at first was the ‘labradorescense’ or spectrolite of the stone. Labradorite helps to ‘beef up’ the aura in a way that any holes or gaps in the aura are filled by the energies of Labradorite. It’s as if the shield comes from within the aura re-inforcing and making it far more difficult to become energy drained by others and protecting against lower vibes that may try to enter your space.  This is a great stone for healers.

There’s a few of my favorites, and make sure that before you work with any crystal or stone that they are cleansed properly.

Angel Aura Quartz

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Angel Aura Quartz

Stone of connection to the highest levels of creation as it acts as a bridge to one’s angels, spirit guides and higher selves with the utmost clarity.  Angel Aura Quartz helps to clear and smooth the static that tends to buffer our angels or guides messages.  It activates the transpersonal chakras and in my experience it resonates much higher.  Interestingly enough it has a secondary effect on the ear chakras. Angel Aura Quartz is great for meditation and is a stone of serenity.  It reminds us that true power cannot be harnessed by force as peace is the only way.