Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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I remember when I heard of Neuro-Linguistic Programming in my early 20’s.  I felt drawn to it then.  Unconsciously, a huge part of me wasn’t ready for the drastic changes that would happen in my life had I signed up for the course and if I wasn’t ready for that then how would I be able to help others in their process.

In reality, I don’t exactly remember how Neuro-Linguistic Programming came back into my life.  I had just moved back from New York to live in Los Angeles and Neuro-Linguistic Programming wasn’t even on the radar.  I certainly wasn’t searching for it, but here it was a decade later and now I was ready to make those big changes and assist people along the way.

A year and a half later, I was certified as an NLP Master Practitioner by the American Hypnosis Association and shortly after began working with clients professionaly.

When I first started I remember my brain felt like it was stetching.  I didn’t realize that a lot of the negative beliefs, limiting decisions and self-worth issues were making me ‘smaller’.  I was shrinking into myself instead of blossoming.  The person that started the program wasn’t the same person that finished the program.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming teaches you to ‘live at cause’ in your life and to take responsibility so that you aren’t giving up your power to others or situations but actively investing in your life.  Re-creating your experiences so that you get the optimum response each time.

One tool we that we use in Neuro-Linguistic Programming is Reframing.  That I know each of you can utilize in your everyday lives.  The essence of Reframing is to “Separate the intention from the behavior.” states, “if you can change the context, meaning or content you can change the original meaning. “  Basically, it’s changing the way we look at an experience or situation that can stretch one’s perspective.

For example, a friend comes to you that’s been struggling with dating.  They’re going on several dates a week with different people and no one really seems to ‘click’.  You’re response could be,  “Seems like you have a lot of opportunities to fall in love” or “You know I haven’t been on a date in an entire year.  Could you show me some tips?”  And try, “You really know what you want in a relationship and aren’t willing to settle for less.”  It’s really about changing their perspective.

This technique I use on a daily basis to gain insight and to widen my perspective.  It has been something that has assisted me a lot in my growth not only with Neuro-Linguistic Programming and with clients but in life.

As we do the work on ourselves.  We become much more than we were the day before.  It’s a constant quest to constantly evolve, improve and to live the life we’ve always dreamed.  Imagine what you could achieve if you just raised the standards for yourself?