One candle will light many

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I recently went to Buddhist ceremony in Chiang Mai, Thailand called Makha, celebrating the life and death of the Buddha at the same time.  Coincidently,  it was Valentine’s day.  I remember standing there in the celebration with an ocean of candles.  The scent of the incense burning filled the air, buddhist monks chanting and I was surrounded by thousands of candles, each one burning brightly.  The breeze was blowing, and a man knocked over one of the candles.  It went out and then I realized there were a thousand more to re-ignite it.

When we think of dimming our light, extinguishing it or finding ways not to shine as brightly as we could. We are doing a dis-service to ourselves and to those in our lives.  When you decide to embrace your full light, to ‘come out of the closet’ that is when others around you begin to ignite their light, others around them ignite their flame and so forth.  We become a sea of candles, not floating, but riding the current, all on the same path towards greatness.

There are many ways to ignite your flame.  To get you started it’s important to find your passion and live it fully.  Not  what society wants, family or friends or even what you think is the ‘right’ job.  What do you feel?  What ignites you?  What have you always wanted to do but scares the light out of you?  How are you not doing what you are suppossed to be doing?  And how can’t you not do it?

Immerse yourself in the work you want to do and find role models, mentors, people that are constantly and always improving. There are few on this earth who have not followed in the footsteps of another or was inspired by someone. This is a great tool to use. Whether you want to be a lawyer, healer, entreprenuer, blogger, artist, amazing parent, or activist. There will always be someon there to guide you via person to person or books. Remember, the support you need is always there. If you are truly on your path, everthing and everyone that you require will present itself with a little patience.

Secondly, take action. The boat will never set sail until you buy the wood to create it. Begin to build your dreams. Buy a website, write a book, take classes and promote yourself(this can be a hard one for some)etc. Whatever it is that you decided to do take action. It’s important that you anchor your passion, plant the seeds for your success. If it succeeds at first, great and if it fails then take the lessons to build on your success. I’ve said this before, ‘If you never try, you will always fail.’

Lastly, Fear will most likely be one of your biggest competitors. Overcome it. Try not to listen to other’s negative comments about your work, business venture, and/or new path. This is your flame, not theirs. You have your own challenges to overcome. So Stay focused and get out of your own way. Most likely, you will have indavertantly enlightened their flame.

Enjoy the journey.

Tired of playing it Safe?

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I’ve recently moved across the world to Chiang Mai, Thailand. I went all the way out of my comfort zone.  In fact, let’s step outside of it, ALWAYS. Comfort zones can be a little too comfortable. So much so that one can become complacent, feeling tinges of fear anytime change may show it’s ‘ugly’ face.
In life, we must maintain our evolution by consistently overcoming anything we fear. Fear can stagnate the muscles of your life, making it difficult to attain even the most simple goal. Fear can take your options down to nothing and prevent from any success in your future.

Working out the fear is like stretching your muscles. Taking time get your body lean, strong and flexible to meet life. It is truly an exercise in courage.
That’s why it is important to constantly stretch yourself. Take the yoga class you’ve always wanted to, sign up for martial arts is thats what you want or simply take the leap into something that you’ve always wanted to. The worst that can happen is that you’ll decide it wasn’t for you. If you never try, you will always fail, guaranteed. The more you take on those little fears, you begin to chip away at the big ones and all of a sudden the fears that you thought were so big were really just an illusion. Your fears, a mere reminder that you have been standing still for far too long and it’s now time to take action

Crystals and Airplanes Oh My!

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I recently traveled across the world to Chiang Mai, Thailand where I now live.  I’ve crossed Ley Lines, times zones , and the International Dateline.  To be exact, I’m 15 hours and one day ahead of Los Angeles, California.  It’s a lot on the body and spirit to move across the world, yet there is still work to be done, and ways to calm the system along the way.

We all know that flying on an airplane can be heavy on the system with the constant exposure to radiation and EMF’s.  Some can deal with it better than others and when you are sensitive to energies it can be a challenge.  Luckily, there are ways to soften the experience.  As I’ve said before,  we are mult-dimensional beings existing in more than one plane.  What I mean by this is that we have an EMF field or an Aura that surrounds the physical body that acts as a protective sheath.  It is mostly invisible to the naked eye but can be seen via Kirilian Photography.  In addition, Many psychics, healers, and mystics are also able to see it.

When we are on planes we are being bombarded by incoherent and disorganized EMF frequencies. Also, when you cross time zones, ley lines or even the international dateline it can throw off your grounded connection to the earth.   This can place stress on our personal EMF field.  In my experience, I’ve been on a flight for 16 hours and was fine the first five but as the time went on I started to feel tense, tense and more tense.  My stomach went into knots and I couldn’t relax, nor could I sleep.

If you are sensitive, then here are some tools that I have used that have helped me tremendously.
First of all, I always carry Hematite with me.  It acts as an anchor the earth so that even though you are flying high you are still connected to earth.  There are other grounding stones but I’ve found that hematite necklaces, rings, tumbled stones, really load up on it.

Another of my favs would be black tourmaline,  It keeps in all the goodness and keeps all the pesky lower incoherent energies out.  It is also a grounding stone.

In addition, try fluorite.  Remember,  I spoke about disorganized energies bombarding your personal EMF.  Well this adds a clarity and organization to your energy field, helping to protect, bolster and to focus your Aura.

Try to mix in other stones as you see fit and figure out what combos work best for you.  Keep in mind, I’m just the ‘map maker’ it’s your decision on how you want to get there.

The Big Changes!

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We contain everything that we need for our greatness.  I’ve recently moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand and you can imagine…total culture shock.  The shock literally brought out a lot of unconscious fear and security issues that I wasn’t willing/ready to heal.  But ready or not I, had to face those feelings of insecurity and inadequacy because what we ‘put a muzzle on’ always exists in the background of our lives, depleting our energies a little at a time.

One of my mentors has always told me, “pay attention to those hairline fractures” and I always do.  It’s important when going through a big move to make sure that you are completely grounded via crystals, smokey quartz, mediation, healthy eating and/or working out. More than likely, your ability to remain present will be compromised in some way.  Stay grounded and that will keep you in the present moment.   The intelligence of your spirit already knows the move is coming and will naturally begin to acclamate to the new location while you are still in your present location.  This can be a bit disconcerting, but know that is a natural process.

A move in any direction in life, whether it be a new job, relationship, family and/or location change creates change in your life.  Remember, change is the only thing guaranteed in life, so embrace it.


During this big move,  I’ve found  that I’m far more resilient than I realized and the fear I felt was really my courage in disguise waiting to be nurtured.  While I’m still adjusting,  I know now that this is a process.


Cleansing the Aura

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Throughout each day, our aura comes into contact with people, places and things.  And as the day progresses we gradually pick up ‘pyschic dirt’.  This process is akin to working the entire day, accumulating physical dirt and coming home to take a shower.  What would happen if you never took a shower?  Treat your aura the same way.

I’ve found through my experience, working with clients and my daily psychic hygiene that there are many different ways to clear the aura.  Some are more effective than others, and it’s my goal here to provide you with what is the most effective.

Each of these techniques can be practiced daily or whenever you feel guided.  For those that are more sensitive (i.e. empaths,healers, psychics,shamans) there’s a responsibility to keep the aura free and clear of debris so that one does not get bogged down by all the”schmootz”. That is why cleansing the aura is of the utmost importance.


Each day when I wake up and when I get home.  I sage myself. This is my go to step for cleansing the aura. Sage has been traditionally used for clearing space, but it also works well for nullifying any unwanted energies in your energy field.  I suggest buying a sage spray as its the safest and works just as well as the smoke.

Salt Baths

I usually take 20 to 40 minutes in the evening or as you feel guided, using a 1/2 a pound to a pound of either epson salt, scented bath salt, or himalayan salt.  I’ve found that the salt really clears any unwanted energies off the aura.  If you’re pressed for time, don’t have a bath, or don’t like taking baths.  Try using the salt all over your body during a shower.

Tingsha Bells

Who would have thought that sound would work, but it does.  I love genuine tingsha bells(the fake one’s have a’tinny’ sound  to them).  In addition, real tingsha bells are made of seven different metals.  The bells help to re-align the chakras and at the same time creating waves of sound carrying out any disharmonious energy.

There are a plethora of ways to keep the aura free and clear of debris.  These are the few that I’ve found the most effective.  Try a combination of these techniques or one at a time and find what works best for you.

Remember, a clean aura is also refelected in the physical.  So treat all of you with love and care.


Angkor Wat | Cambodia | Sunrise

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Visiting Angkor Wat was an amazing experience. We chose to do the 3 day pass but were only able to make it for two days. In the morning, at 5:00 a.m., we left for Angkor Wat at Sunrise. When we arrived it was still pitch black and we needed flashlights to light our way.
We waited. There were people all around us, each of us holding our positions to take the best shot.
When the sun began to rise, each of our cameras seemed to pick up more and more of Angkor Wat, temples forming with the light shining from behind.

Enjoy the video. It was well-worth the journey.

New Year’s Eve | Koh Phi Phi | Thailand

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Neither of us have been on an island on New Year’s Eve with so much energy. There was a feeling of well-being and excitement. We went to an amazing beach party and there was a connected feeling, and in that connected feeling everyone felt free.

One of the most amazing moments was that of watching people send their floating candles off into the sky. It was really inexspensive at 100 Baht(about $3 U.S.). Michael and I were told it was good luck to light one. Many of the people wrote in black marker their wishes, prayers, and intentions for the New Year. Friends gathered around trying to light flying candles as you heard the click, click, click of the lighters until the candles were ignited.

Groups of people stood around these candles, letting the heat build. If they let them go too early they would sink to the ground, so they had to be patient. As the heat in the flying candle built, peoples arms would raise, and finally they would let go.

We watched dozens flying in the sky and wondered where they would land, or would they just disappear into the universe. Answers to all these prayers finding their way back to each person in magnificent ways.