From Where We Come

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From where we come, is untainted. The space and place is pure, clear as a spring of untouched water, powerful and gentle when required, and able to be malleable when we must.

Throughout life we begin to flavour our moments with love, pleasure, and in-between we experience pain, trauma, and the source of our greatness becomes twisted, pinched so that we cannot flow from our true potential.

The impediments that we’ve placed in our lives in the form of excuses, inaction, people, places, situations and things thrive because we have invested our energy into them.

These will continue to live in us, grow in us, forests watered by emotion, and create concrete monuments out of our unresolved pain.

We need a resolution to our past.

What do we think we’ve addressed but haven’t? What’s numb in us but isn’t done? What in our body is telling us that something has yet to be healed? Does the thought or memory of something create tension in your body?

We cannot shy away from our emotions. They guide us to greatness, to mediocrity, and to the darkest parts of ourselves. Our emotions can illuminate our lives like a flame-lit lantern in the darkest, dankest cavern and drown and coat us in a slick of oil(if we allow them).

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