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As a Crystal Reiki Master from the United States, and practicing Crystal Healing Therapy in Chiang Mai. It was quite a struggle to find healing crystals in Chiang Mai. Yes, I came with my entire client kit and my personal stones and ended up paying a lot of for extra charges for the overage in weight for flights. Not to mention, some back pain. In any case, I looked everywhere for healing crystals in Chiang Mai. I walked throughout the Old City during the hot and smog season. Those of you that have experienced it know how uncomfortable it is. I ended up finding some at the Sunday walking street. There are stalls here and there along the street but it wasn’t enough to really beef up my kit. I even found some in the Kad Suan Keaw mall, but if you looked closely to them you’d find that many were badly died or bonded with chromium(which isnt’ a pretty site). Finding Healing Crystals in Chiang Mai or wherever I’m living is important. There’s integrity involved and you want to make sure that your Crystals are the ‘real deal’ and for the most part un-altered. My motto has always been if you find some that are fake be wary. The deal you think you are getting isn’t the deal you think it is. So be cautious!

So over a month of searching, I finally found them. A Healer that has become a dear friend of my mine gave me the information I had been waiting for. She told me there were two crystal shops that have healing crystals in Chiang Mai just outisde of the moat on the East side(She didn’t give me names of the shops nor have I seen any posted). If you are coming driving or walking south on the east side. It’s a 5-10 minute walk south once you see Thae Pae Gate. You’ll come to a street called Loi Kroh road. Make a left there. You’ll know your there when you begin to see lady’s of the night hanging outside of bars with the quintessential pool table in the back or you’ll constantly get asked to recieve a massage(this has been my experience as a man).

Keep walking for about ten minutes(going towards the night bazaar), stick to the right side as that is where they are located across from a Wat(the name I can’t remember). The two shops are right next to one another. There’s a smaller one first which has mostly tumled stones, many are in cabochan form but they still have a great variety and aren’t very expensive. The next one is right next to it. It’s much bigger. With Quartz and a huge variety of other stones, a good sized table, filled with rough and polished crystals and underneath the table are rough quartz crystals, not organized in any particular order or fashion. It was such a relief there was place where I could shop now. I could now work my magic. My mission of finding Healing Crystals in Chiang Mai was complete. As a crystal therapist or crystal lover you know how important it is to find healing crystals, wherever you are in the world. Sometimes, they’ll find you.

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