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A woman pulls back a dark forest into a beautiful sunset.

The limits we face are self-imposed.

We can travel the world, walking through a spice garden in Malaysia, ferns brushing against your waist, or meditating on the top of a mountain, shoeless in a Buddhist temple in Thailand, and swim in the tidal pools, catching fish with green nets in the Marshall Islands, and at the same moment be locked away inside the prison’s of our mind, surrounded by the smell of rusted iron, cement and staring at barren walls, looking for a way out of ourselves, imprisoned by our perceptions.

Perception can be the murky puddle of water we look through, or the crystal clear spring that we drink from.

We can build nations or destroy an eco-system with the way we perceive.

Our vision is meant to be fluid, flexible, knowing when to totally focus in, widen our view, and take in the entire picture or to view from the eyes of another.

What perspectives are we peering from?

Through a peephole, a magnifying glass, a telescope, kaleidoscope, a mirror, or from the window of a commercial jet obstructed by clouds, storms or staring through powdery blue skies.

The sweet smell of a pink rose can be relaxation to one or the scent of dread to another. The screeching sound of nails on a chalkboard can mean nothing but to another their body cringes as nails drag against it, legs, lips and arms contorting at the sound.

Our perceptions allow us to feel the innate beauty of a sunset, to experience it fully, not the colors of pink, burnt orange and white.

It’s the way we see our world.

A fine wine in the hands of a sommelier can smell the complexity of the bouquet, of a good, mature wine, and the smoky taste from wine stored in oak barrels, but to the untrained, it can smell sour, and too bitter to swallow.

Our perception must become refined to know what lenses we are looking through.

Is it through the eyes of a wounded heart? The ‘damaged’ lover? The one who feels responsible for everyone’s happiness? Is it Guilt? Anger?

Or is it through the eyes of the conscious leader? The Visionary? Confident creator? The Magician?

What perceptions aren’t true for you anymore?

Which of those make you feel constricted, tight or uncomfortable?

Where do you ‘hit a wall’ in your life’s experience and you can only see the possibilities that are right in front of you?

Identify where you strain to ‘see’ more than just the tips of your lashes and find yourself free.

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