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Tag Distance+Healing+Worldwide

Distance Energetic Healing Techniques Worldwide

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I’ve been using Energetic Healing Techniques for years, even before I became a professional healer.  Almost fourteen years ago, I did my first Reiki training.  It was the 1st and 2nd level of Reiki training and I absolutely loved it.  At the time,  I was twenty years old and knew very little about the responsibility of doing professional Energy Healing Sessions, much less how to guide anyone in their own healing process.  I remember my Reiki Master telling me,  “You know this is a big responsibility for someone your age.”  I didn’t understand the gravity of her words until many years later.

When you are professional Energy Healer and providing the best in all your Energy Healing Sessions, one must realize that you are merely a conduit for the energy.  You begin to pick up on different vibrations and the Energetic Healing Techniques that will work best for you and your client.  There are many paths that lead to the same place. We just choose different ways to get there.

So here’s a short list of few of the many that are out there.


Where the practitioner place their hands within aura to scan the auric field. The practitioner is generally looking for imbalances, blocks, chords, stagnant energies or unhealthy attachments.

Clearing the energy field can be done in a variety of ways in Energy Healing Sessions. Some practitioners will use intention, specific energy healing techniques, symbols, crystals, spirit guides, incense and even sage a.k.a. sacred smoke. The focus is to clear negative imbalances or influences in the aura. For instance, what if you never took a shower? Imagine all the dirt and grime that you would feel on your physical body. You’d feel uncomfortable at some point. You take a shower, you feel better. Think of a clearing as an energetic shower getting rid of all the debris, schmootz and lower energies.

Chakra Balancing
Another Energetic Healing Technique is called Chakra Balancing(Chakras are the seven spinning wheels of light that start all the way at the base of the spine all the way to the top of the head. Think of Chakras as the vital organs of the aura. When one is out of balance it can throw off the rest of the system.  Where the practitioner seeks out which Chakras are either depleted, off-center and/or over-used and helps to balance them through the use of energy. For example. when the root chakra is out of balance the individual may feel a sense of insecurity, not being able to ground or support onself in the physical plane. The practitioner will use this energetic healing technique to balance the chakra so that the person will be in complete alignment with feeling safe and secure able to provide for oneself in the physical plane.

Distance Energy Healing Worldwide

When working in Energy Healing, most healers will offer Distance Energy Healing Worldwide as it’s not always possible for the client to be in the room. This could be for a variety of reasons whether the client is in Tokyo and the healer is in the United States. The healer can still connect with the clients energy body. Think of your computer picking up wi-fi(the connection), once the healer picks up the clients energetic vibration the healer can access the aura and send healing energy to the client.
Energy Healers that offer Distance Energy Healing Worldwide often do so via Skype, telephone, or through E-mail. I myself have had many distance healing sessions and it feels as if the healer is the room with you and is just as powerful.

Other Energetic Healing Techniques that practitioners use in their Energy Healing Sessions include Grounding techniques(where the practitioner helps the client to remain connected to the earth and in the present moment), and shielding(where the practioner creates a shield, sheath or netting to protect the client and themselves.

I’ve included only a few as to not overwhelm. The world of Energy healing is infinite. Find what Energetic Healing Techniques that work for you and your personal Energy Healing Sessions and enjoy. It is truly a magical journey.