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I’m getting a bad vibe

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Each space we enter has a certain feel, a vibe, a way in which it’s distinguished from any other space.  The way you percieve it is up to your perception.  Most of the time we ignore the feeling of a space because the shell or the ‘gold plating’ appears to be beautiful.  Other times, we disregard our first  initial intuitive response and caste it to the side  because we may possibly be thinking too much.

The best example is I can give you was years ago I was invited to a party in a geourgeous mansion.  It appeared to be brand new, complete with the latest appliances, modern furniture and a gorgeous kitchen that a chef would swoon over.  I remember walking in and saying to myself, “Wow.  This is nice” but something felt wrong, very wrong.  Everyone seemed to be congregating in the kitchen area which had party appetizers all over the table.  I made a plate for myself and began to talk to my fellow-party goers.  I felt uncomfortable, not because of them but the space.

I remember telling a friend something isn’t right here.  As the party went on, I realized that I couldn’t remain inside anymore and had to retire to the front lawn where a group of people were gathered.  Soon after this we ended up leaving.  It wasn’t until  months later that I found out that the house had recently been in a terrible fire(arson) and was gutted and redone using the existing structure as the skeleton.

On the other side, I’ve walked into spaces where you could feel an overwhelming sense of love in the home or you just felt damn good in the space.

When you get a feeling on a place.  Whether you are apartment hunting or buying a house make sure it feels great.

My advice,  Walk into a sanctuary.

The Present Moment

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The smell of fried chicken and drying fish fills the air as I walk into the marketplace.  Stand upon stand of different foods,  partialy cut pineapples, tomatoes, onions, and durian.  Klak! klak! the butchers blade slams against the wood, parts of the pig now in pieces.  It’s head and snout staring straight up into the air.  I ignore the mosquitos biting at my ankles, the chatter of voices blends into nothing I could ever understand and a woman sits cross legged on the floor with a bowl filled with bahts, one hand in prayer position, the other gone.  Most walk around her, others stop to drop a few.

I see a women selling waffles, another selling made-to-order gourmet pizzas that are topped with what looks like a new take on mayonannaise and a liquid tomato paste.  She places a pizza into one of her two ovens under a table and I wonder if she has a generator to power them.

I pass an older woman, with graying hair, pulled into a tight bun, ignoring the man seated in front of her, meldling and molding a metal casing with pliers, getting it just right.  She doesn’t look up.   She’s selling Buddha pendants on a small table, a foot high.  Some pendants are  stone, others metal, and some that look like they have been carved from clay.

I look up.

I realize.  Amidst all the hustle and bustle  there is a quiet, just beneath the sounds or maybe in between them.

The present moment.

The Big Changes!

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We contain everything that we need for our greatness.  I’ve recently moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand and you can imagine…total culture shock.  The shock literally brought out a lot of unconscious fear and security issues that I wasn’t willing/ready to heal.  But ready or not I, had to face those feelings of insecurity and inadequacy because what we ‘put a muzzle on’ always exists in the background of our lives, depleting our energies a little at a time.

One of my mentors has always told me, “pay attention to those hairline fractures” and I always do.  It’s important when going through a big move to make sure that you are completely grounded via crystals, smokey quartz, mediation, healthy eating and/or working out. More than likely, your ability to remain present will be compromised in some way.  Stay grounded and that will keep you in the present moment.   The intelligence of your spirit already knows the move is coming and will naturally begin to acclamate to the new location while you are still in your present location.  This can be a bit disconcerting, but know that is a natural process.

A move in any direction in life, whether it be a new job, relationship, family and/or location change creates change in your life.  Remember, change is the only thing guaranteed in life, so embrace it.


During this big move,  I’ve found  that I’m far more resilient than I realized and the fear I felt was really my courage in disguise waiting to be nurtured.  While I’m still adjusting,  I know now that this is a process.


Angkor Wat | Cambodia | Sunrise

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Visiting Angkor Wat was an amazing experience. We chose to do the 3 day pass but were only able to make it for two days. In the morning, at 5:00 a.m., we left for Angkor Wat at Sunrise. When we arrived it was still pitch black and we needed flashlights to light our way.
We waited. There were people all around us, each of us holding our positions to take the best shot.
When the sun began to rise, each of our cameras seemed to pick up more and more of Angkor Wat, temples forming with the light shining from behind.

Enjoy the video. It was well-worth the journey.

New Year’s Eve | Koh Phi Phi | Thailand

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Neither of us have been on an island on New Year’s Eve with so much energy. There was a feeling of well-being and excitement. We went to an amazing beach party and there was a connected feeling, and in that connected feeling everyone felt free.

One of the most amazing moments was that of watching people send their floating candles off into the sky. It was really inexspensive at 100 Baht(about $3 U.S.). Michael and I were told it was good luck to light one. Many of the people wrote in black marker their wishes, prayers, and intentions for the New Year. Friends gathered around trying to light flying candles as you heard the click, click, click of the lighters until the candles were ignited.

Groups of people stood around these candles, letting the heat build. If they let them go too early they would sink to the ground, so they had to be patient. As the heat in the flying candle built, peoples arms would raise, and finally they would let go.

We watched dozens flying in the sky and wondered where they would land, or would they just disappear into the universe. Answers to all these prayers finding their way back to each person in magnificent ways.


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Nothing is ever destroyed.  It only changes form.

Throughout our lives we have been taught that once something is destroyed it can never come back and yet that is further from the truth.  When a leaf falls from a branch, it rests upon the earth, gradually it begins to lose it color,  turning to brown, and then absorbing into the earth.   The leaf never died, never left, never disappeared.  It only changed form, becoming food for the tree from which it sprung and that leaf will sprout new leaves, thicker branches and deeper roots.

How many times in your life have you faced challenges?  Lost a a job? A Love? A family Member?  And in this process realized that in the transition you have been left with infinite gifts.  A different perspective and an opportunity to use those experiences to empower your life.

You are never left with no-thing.  Use these experiences the same way a tree does, as wisdom for the soul.

Master of the Universe

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It is important to understand that we are here on this plane of existence to take charge of our lives.  That the challenges we face are ways in which we grow, experience and acquire wealth on a soul level.  There can be no-thing in your life that has not entered by accident.  The people you love, your finances, friends, jobs and day-to-day experiences are the result of what you think, feel, believe and perceive.

We may all know of a person who always complains that they are always sick, always single, always broke and in turn are always sick, single and broke.  This same individual complains that everything ‘bad’ happens to them.  In essence, they are giving away their power.  Nothing ever happens to you, YOU happen to it.

Start by taking responsibility for everything in your life.  Think of yourself as a creator.  Take charge.  Everything is choice.  Chose to envision wonderful things for your life no matter where you are on you journey or the challenges you may face.  There’s a better way and it’s up to you.  Be the Master of Your Universe and create a life filled with wonder.

Tools to assist you on your journey:


    1. Surround yourself with people who make you happy.
    2. Change the word ‘Problems’ into Lessons.
    3. Create a vision board.  Here’s a link to Priya Sher Feng Shui Practitioner’s vision board blog.




Meditation Room Ideas Part 3

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Creating your meditation is integral to meditation.  If your enviroment relaxes you then in you will in turn be more relaxed.  Place items in your space that make you feel good and lift your spirits.

Meditation Room Idea #1:  Avoid clutter.  Your outer enviroment is a reflection of your inner enviroment.  A messy room leads to overwhelming or confused thoughts.  Clean or clear your space before your meditation.

Meditation Room Idea #2:  Add scents to your room.  You can burn insence, resins or oil diffusers.  I suggest nag champa, lavendar or meditation resins.

Meditation Room Idea #3:  Music helps you relax.  So why not bring it into your meditation.  You can use your phone, computer or MP3 Player.  Find light nature sounds or meditation music.

You room is a reflection of you.  Use what feels good and leave the rest.  Enjoy creating your meditation room.

Meditation Room Ideas

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Meditation calms the nervous system, has been shown to reduce blood pressure, and reduce stress(According to the New York Times).  Since there is so much focus on the process of meditation, why not focus on how to create a tranquil enviroment for meditation.

Creating your meditation room or area is personal.  Place things in your enviroment that make you feel good or that you have a strong resonance with.

Here are some ideas:

Mediation Room Idea #1:  Adding a fountain to your meditation room.  This is a wonderful idea, as the constant falling water calms the mind and will helps further relaxation.

Meditation Room Idea #2:  Adding candles are great for you meditation room.  You can either do scented or unscented candles;  The choice is yours.  Not only do they create a sense of relaxation, but they also attract spiritual energy so that your mediation will naturally deepen.

Meditation Room Idea #3:  Find plants that make you feel good.  Try to find flowers or plants with leaves that have rounded edges i.e. no cacti with thorns.  Plants purify the oxygen in the room and bring nature inside.

Enjoy the tips and find what works best for you.  Get creative; Remember this is your space.